For glasshouse (greenhouse) construction, BSE Ymond has designed and build many innovative machines. These machines can used in every phase in the construction process, like building the metal framework of the greenhouse or glazing the greenhouse. For every specific task BSE Ymond can build the suitable machine that will have a very short payback period. During greenhouse construction, conditions can be tough. That is why all machines are characterized by their robustness. All machines are powered by John Deere diesel engines that comply with the newest regulations concerning greenhouse gas emissions. All machines are standard delivered with remote control, making the machines very user friendly and efficient. The machines are fully designed to the specific needs and demands of our customer to come up with the optimal machine for every method of working.

Machines for greenhouse construction

Amongst others, we can deliver the following machines for application in greenhouse construction, shopping malls or garden centres:

  • BSE Building machine The BSE Building machine can be used to build the metal structure of greenhouses, shopping malls or garden centres. To lift heavy building material to the desired height, the machine is often equipped with a forklift mast.
  • Patented building machine This special type of building machine can take along all building material required for construction of greenhouses and manipulate them from the platform. For this purpose a crane is mounted on the platform. This machine keeps all building material clean and provides a more efficient method of building greenhouses, shopping malls or garden centres.
  • Glazing machine The BSE Glazing machine is used to mount glass during greenhouse construction. For this purpose specially designed glass manipulators are mounted on the platform that can pick up and place the glasses easily.
  • Machine for applying shade cloth To control the climate in greenhouses, often shade cloth is mounted in the top of the greenhouse. These shade cloth are guided by many long wires. This machine is used to mount the shade cloth and the wires that guide them. These machines are normally delivered with very large rotary platforms to be able to mount the shade cloth in a complete section of greenhouse at once.
  • Crawler crane platform This platform on tracks with mounted truck craen is used to carry building materials in to the greenhouse and lift them into place. An efficient method of building greenhouses while the material is kept clean and undamaged.

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