Crawler crane platform

For lifting and moving materials that are required for building greenhouses, BSE Ymond has developed and build the crawler crane platform. This machine was constructed on heavy duty tracks and is therefore ideal for the heavy ground conditions during the construction phase of greenhouses. All building material is carried on the platform and remains clean and undamaged. The truck crane with the truss- clamp mounted at the end of the mast, makes it easy to carry and lift trusses, legs and gutters into place.   

The machine is equipped with remote control from which all functions of the platform and crane can be operated. All crane functions and driving the tracks can be operated proportionally by joysticks on the remote control box. Standard a hook is mounted on the truck crane, but a hydraulic rotator with attached hydraulic truss clamp can be mounted instead. This clamp can be used to pickup trusses in the middle and manouvre it into place in the greenhouse. This makes it easy to precisely maneuver trusses and place them on top of the legs of the greenhouse. The safety of the people on the ground is guaranteed by the hydraulically operated locking mechism of the trusses in the truss clamp.

The machine is equipped with a hydraulic system consisting of three pumps, two of which are for driving the tracks of the machine. The third pump delivers oil for the crane and all other hydraulic functions. This allows the platform to be leveled lengthwise and widthwise so that the platform is allways level with respect to the surface. The diesel engine has been completely concealed under the platform floor. This maximizes the usable floor space of the platform and prevents damages of the engine or diesel engine equipment.

Standard, the electrical cabinets are made out of stainless steel. This makes them durable and very weather resistent. The first stainless steel cabinet houses the machine controller and  clamps for the I(nputs)/O(utputs). Also two displays are mounted on the door of this cabinet, that enables the user to acquire machine and engine information. This makes it even possible to find malfunctions, might they occur, even without opening any cabinets! The second stainless steel cabinet is equipped with an inverter to provide 230VAC power on the machine. The 230VAC power can be used to charge the batteries for the remote controller or other hand tools. For tools and other materials, a separate cabinet is mounted.

All steel components are powder coated in a RAL colour as specified by the customer. The platformfloor is covered with powder coated tear plates. On the side of the platform and also on the platform itself, galvanized post are mounted to keep the loaded material in place. All posts are covered with rubber strips to prevent sliding of materials and keep them undamaged. Special galvanised tubes are delivered when material needs to be loaded in width direction of the platform.    Speciale vuur verzinkte steunkokers worden ook meegeleverd, wanneer met het materiaal dwars op de machine wil neerleggen. On the back, stairs make entry of the platform easy.

In short, the crwler crane platform can be completely adjusted to your needs and working method. Please contact us for an informal conversation concerning your request. We can be reached by phone on number: +31(0)251-249704, or by email on You can also use the contact form; we will react as soon as possible.