Upgrades & Machine Modification – Increase Reliability

For a number of customers BSE Ymond has carried out modifications to their machines. Modifications are performed for a number of reasons:

  • Upgrade your machines to the technology level of today
  • Adjusting machine parts to create extra functionality
  • Design new tools that can be used on existing machines for more functionality
  • To make your machine more reliable
  • To postpone big investments in new vehicles or machines

BSE Ymond has both an engineering’s department and a workshop, modifications can be completely carried out. Our engineering’s department can make structural calculations if required, adjust mechanical and hydraulical schemes and determine the prefered parts. Our workshop can do all the activities that are required, modify existing parts or create new ones. To ensure the safety modifications that are performed, often an inspection is required after the completion of the modifications. BSE Ymond can do the inspection for you or contact the appropriate inspection agency, to perform the inspection.

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Reasons to choose machine modification

The most common reasons are improving machine efficiency, cost savings, or making the machine more user-friendly. Further reasons why you should modify your machine:

  • Modernizing the machine to the latest techniques
  • Adjusting machine parts for extra functionality
  • Applying additional tools to machines to increase functionality
  • Making the machine more reliable
  • Postpone major investments in new equipment
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