Repairs & Maintenance

In order to keep your machines and vehicles reliable and safe, regularly maintenance of the machines is required. BSE Ymond can do the periodic maintenance on your machines for you. We have all the knowledge and experience to carry out maintenance on: mobile elevating platforms (on car, truck, railundercarriage or tracks), mobile cranes, tracked vehicles and other industrial vehicles or machines. We are not bounded to a specific brand; therefore we can do all sorts of maintenance to any brand of elevating platform, machine or vehicle.

To carry out repairs and maintenance on the machines of our customers on location fast and efficient, BSE Ymond has a number of service vans available. These vans are equipped with:

  • service-spiegel-6829912Compressor
  • Electrical tools
  • Hydraulical tools
  • Welding equipment
  • Hand tools
  • Auxiliary batteries
  • Hydraulical hose press

If required, we can even be available for service 24 hours a day. In case of break downs or malfunctions, one of our service engineers can be near your machine very soon. Based on the specific use of your machine(s), maintenance schedules can be developed. In that way preventative maintenance will be carried out on time and expensive repairs as a result of overdue maintenance can be avoided. Loss of production due to broken equipment can be minimized. In our workshop we have all the equipment necessary if larger repairs or modifications are required.

Periodic inspection of machines

To keep your vehicles and machine safe to work with, periodic inspections are needed. For mobile elevating platforms this is even a requirement. BSE Ymond can do these periodic inspections for you. Often preventative maintenance can be combined with such a periodic inspection. This minimizes loss of of production, and cuts equipment costs.

We can also provide a training for your personnel to work with mobile elevating platforms in a safe way. As a manufacturer of mobile elevating platforms and vehicles we know very well what knowledge and skills are required for safe operation of a mobile elevating platform. In this practical course of one day (on location if necessary), we will transfer the required knowledge to your personnel to create a more awareness of the dangers involved.

Please contact us if you require information on this subject. We can be reached by phone on number: +31(0)251-249704, or by email on You can also use the contact form; we will react as soon as possible.