Electrification of aerial lifts and rail/road vehicles

More and more companies see the need to make their machines and vehicles more sustainable in order to contribute to achieving climate goals. Electrifying aerial work platforms and rail/road vehicles, among other things, is one way to achieve this. It is also often much more pleasant to work with these vehicles due to the absence of (loud) noise and exhaust fumes. BSE Ymond can help you electrify your vehicles. Ask for the possibilities for your aerial work platforms and rail/road vehicles without obligation.

Points of attention when electrifying:

A number of topics are very important for the electrification of vehicles and machines:

  • The deployment/rest time of the aerial work platform or the rail/road vehicle, which is important for the required charging time and required battery capacity
  • The mass of the combustion engine with accessories in relation to the mass of an electric drive (with battery pack), in connection with the stability of the vehicle.
  • Integration of the electric drive into the vehicle’s electrical (control) system.
  • Integration of the electric drive on the hydraulic (steering) system of the vehicle.
  • Required space for the electric drive, electric control and battery pack
  • Documentation/certification of the vehicle

If you are interested in electrifying your aerial work platforms or rail/road vehicles, we would like to discuss the possibilities with you in a personal conversation. In this non-binding conversation, the above topics will be discussed, but also any wishes or requirements from the owners and / or users of the vehicle.

Below you can find some exmaples of electrifications we have carried out recently:

Electrification is the future, soon other electrification projects will be posted here.

We can be reached on telephone number +31(0)251-249704 or via info@bseymond.nl. You can also use the contact form, we will respond as soon as possible.