Our services

BSE Ymond’s services are very extensive. We have therefore divided the various services into main categories. Which of the following services can we assist you with?

Our story

BSE Ymond is short for Beentjes Service Engineering, founded in 1996 by A. and J. Beentjes. BSE Ymond has become a specialist in mobile elevating platforms and building (special) innovative industrial machines. For multiple applications in glass-house construction, rail infrastructure maintenance/renewal and industry, BSE Ymond has designed and build custom made machines in-house. These machines and vehicle are used in the East and West of Europe as well as Canada. We develop new concepts or modify or refit older industrial machinery and vehicles in close cooperation with our customers. BSE Ymond has therefore an outstanding reputation in innovation and developping and building new machines and vehicles which pay for themselves in a very short time.


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