Further development of Agro Reel system leads to efficiency and less maintenance

The Agro Reel system is a machine specially developed by BSE Ymond to easily and efficiently place different types of cloth over fields. Production and further development are carried out entirely by us, which means that the basic quality is already high and the machine is also continuously developed. The latest developments of the Agro Reel system have led to an even better application in stronger winds and less maintenance of the total system.

Agriculture: simply place the fabrics wide

Many parties are now familiar with the Agro Reel system, which is characterized by the easy installation of non-woven fabric, game net and other types of fabric up to 20 m wide. This system, completely developed and built by BSE Ymond, is used in various agricultural sectors:

– Floriculture
– Arboriculture
– Vegetable cultivation

Lilies, lettuce, leek and cabbage are examples of crops where cloth or netting is often used in cultivation. The purpose and application differ per crop, for example advancing crops, protecting against night frost or protecting against damage caused by game or insects.

Cloth laying with the Agro Reel system reduces crop damage

Traditionally, fleece or netting is pulled over the crop in the field by hand. The young crop is quickly damaged as a result, so that the yield per area decreases and the crop is more vulnerable to disease. The AGRO Reel system offers an alternative way to lay down cloth and net in the field, without damaging the crop. This applies to both placing and removing the protective cloth or net.

Laying cloth more efficiently in fields with the Agro Reel system: put down and remove the cloth faster or just with fewer people

Placing a cloth or net over a field by hand requires the deployment of approximately six people, especially because the cloth has to be pulled over the full width of the field. With the Agro Reel system you can perform this labour-intensive job many times more efficiently. With the Agro Reel system you only need three people for the same job and you can place the canvas four to five times faster.

This efficiency allows you to react faster and easier to weather forecasts. With expected night frost, you need less time to place the fabric and roll it up again the next day, so that your crop benefits optimally from frost protection and at the same time benefits from the sun hours. Interim removal, for example for spraying crop protection products, is also simpler and more efficient with the Agro Reel system.

Less influence of the wind on the canvas

With the new, lowered arch construction of the Agro Reel system, it is now even easier to place the fabric or net when there is more wind. Due to the lowered arch construction, the wind has less influence on the canvas, while thanks to the arch you can still easily place the fabric wide. The arch is also foldable, so that you can access public road with the mounted system on a tractor.


Improving the Agro Reel system leads to less maintenance

We have recently further developed the drive for the reels of the Agro Reel system. The new reels are fitted with a square tube instead of a round tube, so that not every reel needs to be fitted with a gear. The gears are wear-sensitive parts, for example due to the action of sand and dirt. For you as a user, this results in less maintenance for the Agro Reel system.

Electric control Agro Reel system

Also, every new Agro Reel system is now standard equipped with an electrical control of the reel speed and steering arm. This makes operating the Agro Reel system simple, intuitive and accurate.

Agro Reel System

Due to the continued development of the product, it is becoming increasingly user-friendly, less maintenance-sensitive and more efficient. The Agro Reel system is unique in its kind and is completely developed and manufactured by BSE Ymond BV. We guarantee a very high-quality end product. The Agro Reel system is in many cases available from stock and therefore immediately available to you. Inquire without obligation for the possibilities of a demonstration at your location to experience all the advantages of the system. Additional documentation and a demonstration video are also available if required.