BSE Ymond has recently engineered and build a new innovative machine for the Agricultural sector. The new machine can be mounted at the front or back end of a conventional tractor and is used to lay down wide non-woven fabric/fleece, birdnet and similar on crop. Laying down and rolling up of the fabric can be done very fast with the new machine.

For example: In the field of flower bulbs cultivation, non-woven fleece is used often in early spring to prevent frost damage to the young crop.

Benefits AGRO Reel System in agriculture

This innovative machine (patent pending) offers many advantages with respect to traditional methods. The advantages include:

  • Less labour is involved for laying down the fabric on the crop
  • No more walking across the crop, only on the paths. Resulting in less crop damage
  • Less labour-intensive, making staff more motivated in laying down fabric
  • During  rolling out and spreading (laying down), the fabric does not slide over the crop. Resulting in less crop damage
  • Also rolling in the fabric over the guiding bow results in less crop damage, because the fabric is lifted and not dragged over the crop
  • The machine can be mounted both at the front as at the back of a conventional tractor. This gives the advantage that during rolling out and rolling in, the tractor can be driven forward. This makes driving between the crop beds much easier
  • Because of decreased labour intensity, fabrics can be laid down and removed more often. In some cultivation this gives more favourable results: protect the crop against frost at night and profit from optimal light conditions during the day
  • Less damage to the used fabric, so it can be used more often. Resulting in reduced fabric cost.
  • Can be used for many different fabrics like: non-woven fleece, birdnet and others. All fabrics, 17 gr./m2 and up, can be applied in our machine
  • Can be used for fabric widths from 12 up to 20 meter
  • Rolling out varying roll widths is possible
  • Special adapter for application of “Hiwer” reels is possible
  • Possibility to react to weather forecasts (frost) fast. It is possible to cover a large surface of land with fabric fast. In the morning the fabric can be removed to let the crop profit from the sun.

Download our brochure that describes the very positive outcome with the use of fabric in lily cultivation HERE





The results that have been achieved with the use of fabric in early spring on lily agriculture can be called spectacular! Unprotected crop had a growth retardation of up to 50% due to frost damage. Also a strong decline in the use of pesticides during the growth season has been realized because of better crop condition.

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Curious to find out how you can increase crop quality by 50% with our AGRO Reel system?

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