Technical possibilities and dimensions scissor lift

Dimensions of platform on scissor lift

Scissor lifts are the ideal machines for work at height where a large floor area, a large lifting capacity or a combination of both is required. We specialize in scissor lifts with large platforms, for example for work on railways or horticultural greenhouses.

The smallest scissor lift we make is just as big as a small sea container. The platform is 2.30 meters wide and 6 meters long, but the length of the platform can be extended to a total length of 8 meters. Our largest platform for a scissor lift is extendable in both length and width. This platform is 7.5 meters long and can be extended up to 12 meters, the width can be extended from 3 meters to 5.7 meters.

Maximum height scissor lift on track

Of course, scissor lifts vary not only in the size of the platform, but also in the maximum height. The minimum lifting height for which we build scissor lifts has always been 5 meters. Nowadays, of course, we see that many activities are increasing in height, for example in greenhouse construction where we want to build ever higher greenhouses, such as for multi-layer cultivation. Then there is also a need for scissor lifts for greater heights. The maximum height that we have achieved so far is an aerial platform that goes up to a floor height of 11.50 meters, but in theory we can make aerial platforms on caterpillars that goes up to 19 meters in height. However, the question has never come to us before that.

Scissor lift with platform on track offers efficiency benefits

The platform of the scissor lift offers two possibilities during work, namely the efficient transfer of employees in a relatively large work area at height and the efficient lifting of very heavy or large materials to a work area at height.

A scissor lift with platform offers a relatively large working surface at height, compared to other types of aerial work platforms. The innovative extendable platforms allow an even larger working area. For example, we have supplied aerial platforms that were used for the realization of tunnels on the Betuwelijn, specifically for the installation of sprinklers. Originally, the customer wanted to deploy 20 standard telescopice workers with a crew box measuring 2 by 1 metres, and then use two aerial platforms to suspend the 6-metre pipes. Besides the fact that this is prohibited, it would also be inefficient. That is why we have developed and built 6 scissor lifts for the customer. Each scissor lift had a platform of 6 by 3 meters, which could extend in four directions to a length of 10 meters and a width of 7 meters. In the middle of the platform, a bundle pipe with a length of 6 meters and a total weight of 1000 kg was placed on two supports. This made the work safe, simple and more efficient.

Another efficiency advantage of the scissor lift with platform is the large lifting capacity. This is primarily an alternative for moving materials in boom lifts with a bucket, in which no materials larger than the bucket may be transported. The platform makes it possible to move larger and heavier materials. The scissor lift with platform quickly offers 1.5 tons of lifting capacity.

Changes and innovations of scissor lifts

At BSE Ymond we have been designing and building aerial platforms for over 25 years. A lot has changed in that time, but a lot has also stayed the same. The principle of an aerial platform has of course remained the same, but as mentioned earlier, they have become larger and scissor lifts are also used for much more types of activities than 20 years ago.

“The first scissor lift I developed had to go up, and that was it. We couldn’t extend the platform, it was just a scissor lift with a platform. We now make extendable platforms, scissor lifts with a lifting capacity of 3 tons, with a fork lift mast and a crane or manipulators on the platform. Whatever our customers ask, we investigate how we can best fulfill it.” – Jaap Beentjes

A lot has changed in the control of the scissor lifts. Where controls were previously fully wired and equipped with relays, everything is now done by means of PLCs and radiographic controls. The stamping has also been almost completely replaced by levelling with respect to the undercarriage, for straightening the aerial platform. The concept of the scissor lift has been the same for decades, but so much has changed that it has now become a completely different and much more innovative product.BSE Ymond is known for embracing the latest technological developments and using them in the development of custom aerial work platforms.

Are you curious about our experience with scissor lifts or do you need advice about the use of scissor lifts in your process? Contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions and think along with you about the best solutions.