Electrification of rail scaffold

BSE Ymond recently electrified the rail scaffolding of a rail infrastructure training institute. This is a track-bound rolling scaffold used to provide instruction on catenary assembly and inspections to students. The rail scaffold makes it easy to give instructions to a group of students close to the (disabled) overhead lines. The main advantages of electrification are the absence of (loud) engine noise and exhaust fumes. Moreover, electrification also fitted perfectly into the sustainability ambitions of the training institute.

Previously, the rail scaffold for traveling on the track was powered by a diesel engine coupled to a 3-phase generator. The track axle of the rail scaffold was then directly driven with a frequency controller and a 3-phase motor (5.5kW). The 3-phase diesel generator has now been replaced by a battery pack with three single-phase inverters of approximately 3.5kW each. The three inverters work together in such a way that they form a three-phase grid. As a result, the rest of the controls remained the same and all components of the drive, except for the diesel engine/tank, could be retained. The capacity of the battery pack of approx. 10 kWh is more than sufficient to be able to teach on the rail scaffold for several hours a day. The three inverters can work as an inverter, but also as a charger. This avoids additional hardware required for charging the battery pack. The battery pack is charged by means of a 3-phase connection to the charging station on the track. For safety, driving is disabled as long as shore power is available.

Here you can find a link to another electrification project, the electrification of a Haulotte arial lift, that we have carried out recently.

If you are interested in electrifying your aerial work platforms or rail/road vehicles, we would like to discuss the possibilities with you in a personal conversation. We can be reached on telephone number +31(0)251-249704 or via info@bseymond.nl. You can also use the contact form, we will respond as soon as possible.

Bedieningspaneel/HMI voor elektrische aandrijving