Elektrification of Haulotte aerial platform

Recently BSE Ymond has electrified a Haulotte aerial platform for a rail infrastructure training institute.  The Haulotte aerial platform is rail/road vehicle that is used to give instruction about catenary wire installation and inspection to students. The Haulotte aerial platform makes it easy to give instructions to a group of students close to the (disabled) overhead lines.. The main advantages of electrification are the absence of (loud) engine noise and exhaust fumes. Moreover, electrification also fitted perfectly into the sustainability ambitions of the training institute.   

Before electrification, the power for propulsion of the machine delivered by  a diesel engine. The diesel engine drove the two hydraulic pumps for driving (road and rail) and the arial lift functions. The diesel engine was replaced in the new situation by a powerfull electric motor. The electric motor is powered by a battery pack. Because of this relatively large battery pack, the arial platform can easily be used multiple days at the training institute before the batteries need to be recharged.

Because besides the dieselengine, also the dieseltank could be removed, enough space was freed to accomodate for the placement of the electric motor and battery package. The mass of the dieseltank and dieselengine was almost equivalent to the mass of the electic motor and battery pack, therefore no additional counterweight was required. The battery package can be charged with a single phase charger, so it can be charge with a simple common wall socket (16A, 230VAC) in a couple of hours. The big advantage of the electric motor is that it only runs when a movement is requested. This makes the electric drive system very efficient when compared to the (outdated) diesel drive system.

The battery package is equiped with a heating system. This enables the lithium battery pack to be charged, even with temperatures below 0°C. When the battery pack is heated to a couple of degrees above freezing point, the heating proces will stop and the charging proces of the battery pack will commence.

The electrical drive is seamlessly integrated in the electrical and hydraulical drive system of the Haulotte aerial platform. Also in combination with operation of the rail axles. Because the operation of the aerial platform is completely the same as it was before, the operators can easily adjust to the new electric drive system on the aerial lift.

Here you can find a link to another electrification project, the electrification of rail scaffold, that we have carried out recently.

If you are interested in electrifying your aerial work platforms or rail/road vehicles, we would like to discuss the possibilities with you in a personal conversation. We can be reached on telephone number +31(0)251-249704 or via info@bseymond.nl. You can also use the contact form, we will respond as soon as possible.