For special mobile elevating platforms or other innovative vehicles and machines, BSE Ymond is the company to address. As we have many years of experience in prototype engineering and building we know what machine building is all about. We first discuss the problem with our customer to lay out the demands and boundaries and test the feasibility of the idea. Our engineering’s department can then start elaborating of concepts. After further consideration with our customer the best solution will be chosen and the best solution for the problem will be engineered. BSE Ymond has a very good reputation in building prototypes from scratch in very short time. Our designs are characterized as being innovative and having short payback periods.

After and even during engineering the complete machine can be built in our well equipped workshop. There, we can not only make the steel construction of the machine, but also the design and fabricate the electric, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Because we have knowledge of the latest European machine guidelines, the machines are always engineered and build in the safest possible way. The safety of the users is always the main priority during all phases of engineering and construction.

Because BSE Ymond offers both a well equipped workshop as a complete engineering’s department, a total solution can be offered to our customer. As engineering and production is on one location we are very flexible, even during production of the machine, modifications are possible.

Some examples of special mobile elevating platform and vehicles that we’ve already build:

  • A scissor lift on a truck
  • Building a pipe welding robot