Ruthmann modification

For a painting company, BSE Ymond has replaced the complete electrical control system of an arial lift. This arial lift is primarily used for painting buildings and other infrastructural elements (bridges, lamp post etc.). The old electrical control system consisted of many circuitboards that malfunctioned often because of their age. The complete eletrical cabinet, including the circuit boards in it, was replaced by a new cabinet with modern PLC controller in it. Also the control box in the basket was replaced with a new one, including new  joysticks. These enable proportional control of all the movements of the arial lift. All cabinets are provided with clear decals and text plates to make the operation of the lift as safe and easy as possible.

Ruthmann control box old situation:







Ruthmann control box new situation:









Results Ruthmann modification

The result of the modifications is a much more reliable arial lift with increased functionality for the user. May some malfunction may ever occur, solving it will be much easier as the PLC will indicate what went wrong.

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