Wire lifter

draadlifter4-8246818For (de)mounting activities during maintenance or new construction of rail infrastructure, BSE Ymond developed the wire lifter. A wirelifter makes activities on the structure above railroad a lot easier. The wirelifter can lift new wire that is unrolled from a reel unit up to the desired height where it can be mounted. The wirelifter can move from right to left to give the wire the right “stagger” position. At the end of the (extendable) wirelifter mast, a roller head is mounted. This roller head can guide the wire in up to four directions. It is also possible to mount multiple roller heads on one wirelifter mast to lift more than one wire at a time (without hampering each other).

The wirelifter can be completely adjusted to our customer’s wishes. It all depends on required working height, horizontal and vertical load and required sideways movement (stagger). The wirelifter can be constructed out of multiple sections that are hydraulically extendable. If required the mast can be made foldable to save space when it is not required during other activities. Also electronic switches can be mounted on the wirelifter to detect the end positions of the mast. Hydraulic overload protection is also possible.

For more information regarding the wirelifter please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our engineerings department. You can contact us by phone on +31(0)251-249704. You can also use the contact form; we will react as soon as possible. Specifications given are indicative; many options are available to make the wirelifter exactly meet your demands.

BSE has also standard solutions for renewing catenary wires above railroad. We have standard frames available that has two driven reel units (for unrolling or winding in wires) and a wirelifter mounted on top. Other variants are possible that include a measurement system (for height measurements). Contact us for more information.

The displayed wirelifter can be used in a number of configurations. A big pulley can be mounted to guide new catenary wire to its mounting position. A roller head can also be used to guide a second wire.

Wire lifter specificaties:

Main dimensions (heavy duty type) : L= 290 mm
: B= 560 mm
: H= 3100/5400 mm
Mass : approx.300 kg
Maximum vertical load : approx.350 kg
Maximum horizontal load : approx.400 kg
Maximum sideway movement : 1000 mm (top side