3dnr3-2397015For large projects on rail infra objects, BSE Ymond has developed and build a number of BSE Rail platforms. These machines proved very useful during the construction of the “Betuwe route”. The machines have been used during mounting parts like brackets, isolators for catenary wire, signaling wire and suspending wires. During these activities a number of our machines were coupled to form a sort of train, in which every platform had specific set of tasks in the construction process. The machines allowed the technicians to work efficiently, as they could bring up all the required parts and gear at once. In rail tunnels the machine was used to mount sprinkler and other technical installations.

The machines are characterized by their large extendable (up to four directions) platforms. The platform remains totally rectangular in all positions. The machines have their own diesel engine to provide for the propulsion and other functions. The machine is also equipped with remote control (for operation from the large platform). The machine can also be equipped with both rail axles as tracks to let the machine drive itself in an out of the railroad track, without the need for a crane.

Many options exist to completely fit the vehicle to your demands and requirements. For questions or an information request please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on +31(0)251-249704. Contact our engineering department for all possibilities. You can also use the contact form; we will react as soon as possible.

BSE rail platform specifications

Main dimensions (transport) : L=7100 mm
: B=3000 mm
: H=3815 mm
Dimensions platform (uit) : L=10000 mm
: B=5000 mm
Mass : ca.16.000 kg
Maximale floorheight : 8200 mm
Maximal load : 1.500 kg
Maximal driving speed (rail) : 2,2 m/s
Maximum manual froce : 40 kg
Allowable inclination : 2 degrees
Allowable tilt : 150 mm