Platform for excavator

For several of our customers, BSE Ymond has designed and build platforms for their excavators. A platform for an excavator can be coupled to the end of the main boom of the excavator as an exchangeable piece of equipment. When the excavator is equipped with rail axles, maintenance on rail infrastructure can be performed efficiently. The main advantage of the platform for an excavator is dramatic increase in functionality of the excavator (mobile elevating platform) at relative low cost.

Besides the mechanical construction of the platform for the excavator, BSE Ymond also makes the necessary changes to the hydraulical, electrical and control systems of the excavator. The platform is equipped with full remote radiographic control with proportional control of all functions.

The modern PLC that forms the heart of the control system controls all movements while automatically leveling the platform of the excavator continuously. Of course, the excavator complies with the newest machine guidelines for mobile elevating platforms to guarantee the safety of the users.

Specifications platform for excavator

For questions or an information request please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on +31(0)251-249704. Specifications given are indicative; many options are available to make the machine exactly meet your demands. Contact our engineering department for all possibilities. You can also use the contact form; we will react as soon as possible.

Platform for excavator specifications:

Dimensions : L= 1800 mm
: B= 1100 mm
: H= 1100 mm
Mass : ca.500 kg
Max load : ca.300 kg
Allowed inclination : 5 graden
Maximum driving speed : ca.10 km/h