Rail platforms for construction viaduct

At the end of 2014 BSE Ymond rented out all 3 Rail platforms to a contractor for activities on a road overpass on the A20 near Rotterdam during a weekend. All activities had to be performed in a very small time frame as the rail section Gouda-Rotterdam is one of the busiest sections of railway in the Netherlands. Amongst others, the BSE rail platforms contributed to a successful finish of the project well before the established deadline on Sunday morning.

The activities included the application of steel locking plates along with an epoxy resin in the ceiling of the overpass over the double-tracks. The activities were needed to prevent the concrete plates from being pulled together under influence of wind load on the noise barriers at the side of the highway. This can cause the wind barriers from coming loose over a longer period of time. All activities had to be carried out in a very short decommissioning slot of only 35 hours on the busy track section.  This required the activities to be performed very fast and efficient.

The BSE Rail platforms with their very large platforms (total of 70m^2 each) and large loading capacity played a key role in this process. Our machines enabled three crews of 8 persons each along with their gear (genset, epoxy mixing equipment, rotary hamers, epoxy resin and other equipment) to carry out their tasks above the tracks at three locations at the same time. Would these activities have been carried out with smaller telescopic boom lifts, then it was questionable whether or not they had met the deadline. Amongst others, the BSE Rail platforms enabled the contractor to meet the deadline with plenty of time to spare!

Both the principal, contractor and railway operator were all very happy with the end result. The activities were carried out well and within the allowed time frame. All too often rail projects during weekends take longer than expected, thus resulting in very high fines for the contractors involved. Renting the BSE Rail platforms may prevent that from happening ever again!