Delivering/mounting ‘HydroMover’ systeem

For some of our customers we have delivered and build ‘HydroMover’ systems. Hydromovers are used to move (heavy) trailers over short distances. We can advise you in selecting the right system/drive method (electrical/hydraulical) for your trailer. We can mount the system on the trailer and make the necessary adjustments. We can also carry out the required periodic maintenance and assist in case of malfunctions.

A ‘Hydromover’ system makes manoeuvring a heavy multiple axle trailer very easy. The principle is based on a mover system that is used many years in the caravan industry. The system consists of electrical or hydraulical driven rolls that are pushed against the rubber road wheels.

Hydraulic and electrical driven mover systems

The rolls can be electrically or hydraulically pushed against the road tires. The system, if hydraulically driven, comes with a complete hydraulical powerpack, electrical cabinet and control box. If the system is electrically driven, a battery set with all necessary components is delivered and installed. Application of hydromovers are amongst others, moving larger railroad trailers away or towards a railroad crossing when putting them in the track or out of the track. These trailers can be loaded with welding equipment or an air compressor or other required equipment.

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