Work safely with our Aerial work platform training course in Amsterdam

This training has a very practical approach and can be made specific for the type(s) of mobile elevating platform(s) that is/are used within the company. The training is provided on location with one of our experienced instructors, so your personnel does not have to travel in order to participate in the training.

As an employer you are obliged to instruct your personnel concerning the equipment they will be working with. BSE Ymond can take care of instructing your personnel concerning the mobile elevating platforms you use for your activities. One part of the training is the daily maintenance of the machine. By creating new awareness for the maintenance requirements of your machines among your personnel, expensive repairs as a result of a lack of maintenance can be avoided.

After successful completion of the training, the participant will receive a certificate that is valid for five years. Get in touch with us and make an appointment to discuss all the possibilities. You can reach us by phone on number +31(0)251-249704 or email us at You can also use our contact form – we will answer you as soon as possible.



Hoogwerker cursus en examen in Amsterdam

For most types of aerial work platforms, the entire program of the course can be completed in one day in the vicinity of Amsterdam, depending on the size of the group. This way we minimize the downtime of your machines and the hours which your employees do not work. The course consists of three parts:

  • one part theory
  • one part practice
  • an exam

We prefer to carry out the practical part at our own location near Amsterdam, so that students can practice with different types of aerial work platforms. If aerial platforms are already present on your company’s premises, then the practical part can also be given on location.


Working safely with aerial platforms in Amsterdam

The training consists of a theoretical part including a written exam and a practical part. Among others, the following subjects will be discussed during the training:

  • Types of mobile elevating platforms (on road or railroad)
  • Working conditions/regulations
  • Construction of the mobile elevating platform
  • Safety systems and components
  • Operating instructions
  • Instructions and text plates
  • Emergency procedures
  • Daily maintenance and inspections
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Why Aerial work platform training course in Amsterdam with BSE Ymond

BSE Ymond is short for Beentjes Service Engineering, founded in 1996 by A. and J. Beentjes. BSE Ymond has become a specialist in mobile elevating platforms and building (special) innovative industrial machines. For multiple applications in glass-house construction, rail infrastructure maintenance/renewal and industry, BSE Ymond has designed and build custom made machines in-house. These machines and vehicle are used in the East and West of Europe as well as Canada. We develop new concepts or modify or refit older industrial machinery and vehicles in close cooperation with our customers.

BSE Ymond has therefore an outstanding reputation in innovation and developing and building new machines and vehicles which pay for themselves in a very short time. Hence such an immense experience in manufacturing Aerial work platforms and exporting them around the world has given us the necessary confidence to expand our expertise into training & education. Interested parties can subscribe for our education certificate course and gain one of the best training from the industry leaders.

The training can be conducted at our premises near Amsterdam, where we have various specialists from our engineering department who have the most modern resources and methods available in designing new and existing machines and vehicles. At the same time, our workshop is fitted with all the right equipment for the construction and maintenance activities of many different Arial work platform machines, thus our trainers are able to provide a considerable amount of know-how and practical demonstration of the machinery while conducting the training.


Your Aerial work platform course near Amsterdam just in one day

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