Towinghook lowering for trucks

Sometimes the towing hook of a truck is mounted at the wrong height with respect to the trailer that it needs to tow. For some of those trucks BSE Ymond has lowered the towing hook. In cooperation with RDW (inspection agency for road vehicles) BSE Ymond has carried out a finite element analyses of the proposed lowering of the towing hook support structure. After agreement by the inspection agency, the proposed changes were carried out in our own workshop. After a final check by the RDW, the vehicle registration was adjusted to the new situation.

Because of a towing hook mounted at the wrong height, coupling and decoupling of a trailer is hard. When it involves a multiple axle trailer it is even harder. A wrong angle of the trailer with respect to the towing vehicle also brings extra risks during normal driving on the road.

Support structure towinghook

For the finite element method a model was created of the back part of the chassis involving the relevant structural parts that gives the towing hook support structure its strength. After applying the load in the model, the overall stress situation of the support structure becomes apparent. After some iterations that may involve applying extra strengthening profiles in the model, a final drawing of the proposed construction was created. After approval by RDW the strengthening was applied on the actual vehicle.

If you have questions regarding the possibility of lowering the towing hook on one of your own vehicles, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached by phone on number: +31(0)251-249704, or by email on You can also use the contact form; we will react as soon as possible.