Trailer with elevating platform

For inspection and small maintenance activities on rail infrastructure objects, BSE Ymond has developped and build multiple dual axle rail/road-trailers with elevating platform. Due to its slender construction and low mass the elevating platform can be easily be towed as a trailer by a normal van. Besides its slender construction, the platform offers much functionality due the large working envelope and relative high loading capacity. When special stabilizer plates are used, the trailer can also be used on road for activities for example on lampposts.

The trailer has its own diesel engine that drives the rail wheels and the functions of the elevating construction. The movements of the lifting construction and driving on rail wheels are all operated proportional. On the chassis of the trailer hydraulic caravan movers are mounted. These are for easy maneuvering the trailer in and out of the railroad. To make the machine really user friendly, it is equipped with fully remote control from the basket.

Options for trailers with elevating platform

Many options exist to completely fit the vehicle to your demands. For questions or an information request please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on +31(0)251-249704. Contact our engineering department for all possibilities. You can also use the contact form; we will react as soon as possible.

Rail/road-trailer specifications:

Main dimensions : L=5660 mm
: B=1750 mm
Dimensions basket : L=800 mm
: B=1000 mm
Mass : appr.2800 kg
Track width : 1435 mm
Maximum flight : 5150 mm
Maximum floorheight : 8000 mm
Maximum load : 200 kg
Maximum driving speed (railroad) : 10 km/h (transport)
Allowable inclination : 4,5 degrees