Haulotte railroad machine


The Haulotte is a four piece articulated telescopic boomlift, making the machine compact yet versatile and therefore capable of many activities on track. Because of the boom consisting out of four sections, this machine can reach many places.  The basis for this railroad machine is a normal Haulotte arial lift. After conversion it is fully capable and allowed to work on track. The telescopic mast section is locked out to make the machine sufficiently stable on the track. The machine is also capable of reaching the infrastructure of the adjacent track.

Specifications Haulotte railroad machine

In the following tables, the specifications of the machine are summed up:

Brand : BSE Haulotte
Type : HA120PX
Main dimensions (transport) : L=6300 mm
: W=1900 mm
: H=2200 mm
Mass : approx. 6500 kg
Maximal workload : 230 kg (including 2 persons)
Maximal flight (on tires) : 6100 mm
Maximal flight (op railwheels) : 5100 mm
Maximal inclination : 5 degrees
Speed on rail : 5,5 km/h(rotating angle smaller than 22 degrees)
Maximal floorheight driving : 6500 mm
Maximal tilt : 180 mm
Electrical system : 12V/230V converter (1500W)
Rail wheels : Hydraulically driven

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