Catenary installation unit


For replacing or installing new catenary wire above railroad, a catenary installation unit is the machine of choice. The unit can be used to wind in old catenary wire or wind out new catenary wire or both at the same time. With a set of winding in/winding out units double catenary wire can be installed in one go. It’s also possible to wind in the old wire and install a new one at the same time. The winding in/winding out units can be mounted on a rectangular frame or on a flatbed car. The frames can also be delivered with TWIST-LOCK corners. Of course, customer specific demands can always be incorporated in the design.

Every catenary installation unit is equipped with its own diesel engine, which makes the platform capable of working completely autonomous. Each winding in/winding out unit is equipped with its own brakes and drive motor. The brakes can tension during winding out and mounting the wire. For winding in old wire, separable reels are delivered with the machine. These reels are made separable to remove a package of old wire that is winded in, easily from the separable reels.

Hydraulic control

Control is fully hydraulically, each function can be controlled from a central operator stand in the middle of the platform. Options like electrical or remote control are also possible.

To guide the new catenary wire to the correct height, a wirelifter can be mounted on the platform. It’s also possible to mount a measurement system on the platform. BSE Ymond can provide for a complete solution: a platform with reel units for removal of old catenary wire and installation of new ones, bring the wires to the right height with the wirelifter to be mounted and measure afterwards if the wire(s) was/were mounted at the correct height.

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