BSE Ymond is short for Beentjes Service Engineering, founded in 1996 by A. and J. Beentjes. BSE Ymond has become a specialist in engineering and building custom mobile elevating platforms and building innovative special industrial machines. For multiple applications in glass-house construction, rail infrastructure maintenance/renewal and industry, BSE Ymond has designed and build custom made machines in-house. These machines and vehicle are used in the East and West of Europe as well as Canada. We develop new concepts or modify or refit older industrial machinery and vehicles in close cooperation with our customers. BSE Ymond has therefore an outstanding reputation in innovation and developing and building new machines and vehicles.

Our engineering’s department has the most modern resources and methods available for strength calculations and designing new and existing machines and vehicles. All fields of engineering (mechanics, hydraulics, electrics, pneumatics) are carried out in-house, which makes us very flexible and able to respond fast to our customers demands.

Our workshop is fitted with all the right equipment for construction and maintenance activities of many different machines and vehicles of our customers. By keeping communication lines short between our workshop and the engineering’s department, turnaround time is as short as possible.

To provide the best possible service for our customers, BSE Ymond has a number of fully fitted service cars. Any malfunctions of machines or vehicles can be repaired on site or preventive maintenance can be carried out. Even 24 hour service is possible. By providing excellent service, we aim to raise the reliability of our customer’s machinery as much as possible.