Besides new vehicles and machines, BSE Ymond has also a small collection of used equipment for rental. Below an overview is given of the currently available elevating platforms. The supply of machines can vary from time tot time, so please contact us for the latest update. Click on the text header to obtain more information about those machines.

  • BSE Rail platform on tracks, 3 available  
    Elevating platform with large platform for large scale projects (new building and revision) in the field of rail infra structure. Currently three machines are available of this type. One of them is also equipped with tracks, enabling the machine to drive itself in and out of the railroad by its own tracks.







Case study: Rental of 3 BSE rail platforms during weekend on rail section Gouda-Rotterdam
Case study: Rental of two rail platforms on the rail section “cromme lijn” in Delft

  • Rail/road-trailer with elevating platform (LIGHT version), 1 available
    This machine is very easy to transport with a normal service van, making this machine very fast to deploy. The machine can be put easily in or out of the track. The machine can be deployed amongst others for: inspection/mounting/maintenance/malfunctions on rail infrastructure objects. The machine is fully self supportive and can be driven from the working basket. The machine can also be used on normal road when the additional underlay plates are applied.
    DSC_3770 DSC_3780







For information concerning these machines, contact us at telephone number +31(0)251-249 704. Email is possible at or use the contact form for an information request.