Railroad vehicles & machines

For new building, renovation, maintenance and inspection of railroad infrastucture, BSE Ymond has developed and builded a large number of innovative products. All machines are characterized by their fast deployment, independence en user friendlyness. Each machine is custom build for its specif purpose it was designed for.

Scissorlifts on tracks

For greenhouse construction, BSE Ymond has developed and build many scissorlifts on tracks. Our machines are used in all the different fases during greenhouse construction, amongst others for mounting the steel construction of the greenhouse, glazing the greenhouse, applying shade cloth and finishing the construction.


For special vehicles and arial lifts, BSE Ymond is the right partner for you. BSE Ymond is known for its capability of building a protype that meets the requirements very fast. Because we have many years of experience in this field we can tackle problems and estimate feasibility of designs in a very early stage. This prevents unnassecary cost for the customer.