Besides new vehicles and machines, BSE Ymond has also a small collection of used equipment for sale. Below an overview is given of the currently available equipment is given.

  • BSE Railplatform with/without tracks
    Elevating platform with large platform for large scale projects (new building and revision) in the field of rail infra structure. Currently three machines are available of this type. One of them is also equipped with tracks that enable the machine to drive itself in and out of the railroad by its tracks. The other two machines must be hoisted in and out of the railroad by crane.







  • Used BSE Machine for applying shade cloth
    This machine has been specially designed and build for applying shade cloth in greenhouses. This type of machine has a platform that is extendable on four sides to generate a very large floor area to work on. The machine is also equipped with a turntable, so the platform can rotate with respect to the undercarriage. This second hand machine can be equipped with new caterpillar tracks, sprockets and idle wheels (option). The electrical cabinets have also been renewed along with a great portion of hydraulical piping on the machine.








For information concerning the machines above, contact us at telephone number +31(0)251-249 704. Email is possible at or use the contact form for an information request.