BSE Ymond was founded on 10 February 1996 by Anton and Jaap Bentjes. At first machines/vehicles for glazing glass houses were developed and build. In the years to follow, machines/vehicles for building glass houses and putting up shade cloth were also developed. These machines are all equipped with tracks for movement and a scissor package for lifting the platform. Tracks are required in glass house construction, as the ground conditions are always tough. 

Soon, our company had outgrown its original accommodation, and in Januari 2001 we moved to a new location at Waterland 15, Beverwijk. At this accommodation BSE Ymond developed a wide variety of machines and vehicles for all kind of applications and industry. BSE Ymond produces machines and vehicles for a number of industries, the major ones are: glass house construction, railway(maintenance) and general industry. Also existing machines for glass house construction evolved further by automating them for achieving faster construction and better efficiency.

So, BSE Ymond can develop and build custom machines and vehicles for many different purposes. In 2009 our workshop expanded by the addition of a new section. The new section is equipped with two heavy duty 10 ton overhead cranes to be able to build, maintain, repair and modify all kinds of heavy machinery

In 2009, we also and build a new kind of machine, it’s called the HMS MERIP. That is short for Highly-efficient Mobile Segment Maintain, Exchange, Repair, Inspect platform. This machine was developed for the OXYsteelmill 2 of Corus IJmuiden. This machine can be put on the continuous casting machine and lower a working platform into the casting pit. By using this machine, maintenance of the continuous casting machine can be performed more safe and efficient.